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You Can Write Fiction That Fixes People!

It’s hard to write a story that matters when Twitter constantly insists that you have to “write to the market” in order to make it to publishing. Why bother finishing a story at all when there’s no way an agent or publisher would accept your pitch? We are here to reassure you - this isn’t true!


There is a better way to finish your novel so it can make an impact on your readers and still feel magical and authentic. Bestselling authors, Emily Dexter and KristaLyn A. Vetovich have joined forces to more than 40 years of writing and publishing experience, blended with real-world writing and marketing magic to mentor writers like you who were born to heal the world with their stories: The Forgotten Storytellers.

The Forgotten Storytellers program teaches you:

  • How to structure and draft a story that heals your reader and is still fun to write

  • The best way to “find your author voice” and connect with your characters

  • How to finish a complete story draft in under four months

  • Daily routines and rituals to never forget that you are a true storyteller again!

  • Accountability with the support of KristaLyn, Emily, and other Forgotten Storytellers like you!

Your Mentors

Bestselling Authors and Industry Proffesionals Actively Creating High Vibration Fiction


Emily Dexter 

Host - Bestselling Author, Professional Psychic, Co-CEO The Forgotten Storytellers

Bestselling Author and Professional Psychic, with over 15 years of independent and traditional publishing experience, Emily Dexter is an expert in the power of using energy and channeling to create deep impact through words. Emily specializes in helping people discover their purpose in life through unblocking their intuitive gifts and channeling abilities and applying those skills to their writing. It is her aim to connect both readers and writers to the healing power of fiction.


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KristaLyn A. Vetovich

Host - Bestselling Author, Astrologer, Co-CEO of The Forgotten Storytellers

Internationally Bestselling Author of more than ten books and holistic coach mentored by Marianne Williamson, I write high vibration stories designed to birth fandoms. I combine astrology and metaphysics with two decades of independent and traditional publishing experience to help readers and writers find emotional healing through the joy of entertainment and Divine timing.



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By the end of The Forgotten Storytellers Program, you will have:

  • A completed manuscript of your story
  • An astrological blueprint of your life story and the Divine timing for your book
  • Tangible connections with your muses and spirit guides
  • Step-by-Step publishing plan customized for you

The Forgotten Storytellers is the school of magic you’ve been waiting for since you were eleven years old. If you are ready to finish your story that will change the world, don’t doubt yourself for another second. Send us your sloppy story pitch today!


Our Mission

Creating Fiction that Heals

This is the first gathering of authors and industry proffessionals to focus solely on the healing and transformative power of fiction. 

We believe high-vibration fiction is a catalyst for both readers and writers in healing and upleveling their lives. 

We hope that during this summit you connect deeper with the magic of the worlds of fiction. 

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