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The Forgotten Storytellers

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Image by Beau Swierstra

Are you ready to connect with the gods?

Join Emily and KristaLyn on a Four Month Deity Channeling Adventure

Each month April - July we will be learning about and connecting with the deities of the Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, and Shinto pantheons.

If you have been wanting to learn how to work with deities or expand your understanding of how the worlds of the gods work, this is the event for you!

Grab one of our limited spots before the price goes up!

Image by Matteo Panara

How Does it Work?

  • Deity Academy starts on April 1st where all enrollees will be added to the exclusive Deity Academy community, a place to connect, channel, and share your deity experiences.

  • Each month we will be holding an hour and a half workshop and channeling experience with the deities in the following pantheons (one pantheon a month):

    • Egyptian​

    • Greek

    • Celtic

    • Shinto

  • Channeling workshops will include education on the pantheon as well as channeling done by Emily and KristaLyn (something we do often but have never before offered in a group setting) directly from the deities in said pantheon

  • Along with the workshop all Academy Scholars will be given culture appropriate and well vetted research suggestions to aid you in getting to know the deities on a deeper level and with in their modern or ancient cultural context.

~By the end of this experience, you will have all the tools to continue working with deities for as long as you desire~

Image by British Library
Image by Markus Winkler

What you get: 


Support and Community

Through an exclusive group space just for Academy PEOPLES!


Four Channeling and Workshop Calls

One a month April - July

held and recorded through Zoom


Fun and Easy Research Material

Get answers to your questions and get to know the deities we will be channeling 



Connect with the gods like never before and let this growth change your spiritual practice and understanding forever!

Image by Hulki Okan Tabak
Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior
Deity Academy (1).png
Deity Academy (1).png
Deity Academy (1).png
Deity Academy (1).png

What is the Value?

Four hour and a half channeling and workshop call ~ a $250 value EACH! (total of $1000)

Entry into the exclusive community ~ a $50 value

Research suggestions and guidance ~ a $25 value per pantheon

That is $1075 of value for only $500!

Limited spots available, don't miss out!

Price will go up!

Image by Mo Gabrail


Question: I am a beginner, can I still join this program?

Answer: Absolutely! This program is for people at all experience and skill levels with their spiritual or deity communication abilities. During Deity Academy we will help you grow your connection and abilities in whatever way is most aligned with you.

Question: How do the channeling calls work?

Answer: Each month of the program we will be having a zoom call where we will focus on one of four pantheons. During the call we will be doing some education around the culture, deities, myths and connection of the pantheon. Then after the education portion KristaLyn and Emily will be channeling in the deities of the pantheon, getting messages from them and asking them some questions! Attendees with have space to ask them questions as well.

We may even be using some cool tools to help!

Question: How much time will this program take?

Answer: Deity Academy is four months long but is only a couple hour a week commitment. You get out what you put in when it comes to this experience. Emily and KristaLyn will be providing participants with research recommendations in a ton of different formats as well as some channeling or ritual suggestions. You can spend as much time on these things as you would like! 

Question: What if I can't make one of the channeling calls?

Answer: No worries at all! Each of the calls will be recorded and those recordings can be viewed in the online academy curriculum at any point during the program. 

Question: Will I know how to work with deities by the end of the Academy?

Answer: Absolutely! Keep in mind that everyone's practice is unique however, by the end of the program not only will you have some incredible channeling experiences to learn from but also all the know how to begin a successful deity connection practice.

Now more than ever we are reaching out, connecting to the beings that have walked on planet in their highest forms, the beings that have watched this planet for thousands of years, the gods.

If you are feeling this pull, this draw to connection, the YOU are why we created Deity Academy. 

Welcome! We can't wait to be magical with you!

Emily and KristaLyn


The Forgotten Storytellers

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